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Help for the Animal Control Center in Seslavtzi, SOFIA(BG)

#1 Потребителят е офлайн   bushkata Икона

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Публикувано: 15 November 2009 - 01:35 AM

There is a God-forgotten place - the animal control center in Seslavtzi, Sofia.
It's full of innocent souls, victims of peoples cruelty and irresponsibility The beautiful souls in those jaded bodies cannot make it by themselves! They desperately need our help to survive. Let them have that chance!

The subject that started -

For more information, please read our group in Facebook.

The beginning
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Welcome to the animal control center Seslavtzi, Sofia
Willkommen in Seslavtzi

Babies in the animal control center Seslavtzi, Sofia
Die Welpen im Isolatoren Seslavci, Sofia

You can donate to help the people taking care of the animals in the forum.

Bank account:

IBAN: BG16UNCR96601047014706
Bank: UniCredit Bulbank


Please put in the purpose field your name and the thread you would like support.

The transactions on the account will be listed in the history of this thread, and the transaction to the temporary caretakers as well.

If you wish to have scanned receipts of how the money was spent, please ask for it in the thread you are supporting.

Thanks a lot for your donations!
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Качена снимкаКачена снимка
Нали уж някога хората слушали кукувицата, за да разберат колко години ще живеят. Аз по цял ден ги слушам две кукувици от единия орех на другия и обратно, и бая кукания чух, едва ли ще доживея толкова. Но се замислих, че именно хората, които се спират за момент да послушат кукувицата, живеят по-дълго. Защото знам ли, това щастие и спокойствие от ей такива простички неща, сигурно е полезно за здравето.

#2 Потребителят е офлайн   Илит Икона

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Публикувано: 15 November 2009 - 08:40 AM

In the Animal control centre in Seslavtzi live about 250 dogs. For some of them it is only a short stay after their castration. But there are also a lot of dogs, including puppies, who are unwanted in their regions of inhabbit. Without food and medical care, they have to stay in Seslavtzi untill they die.
This is why, volunteers from this forum, go in Seslavtzi and feed the dogs three times a week. It is the only way for all these dogs to survive. Money for food we collect at the above mentioned bank account, but it is very hard.
We would be extremely grateful for any help!
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Ти си моето куче,
аз съм твоят човек!

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