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Управител на кучешки приют в Гърция 2 месеца на остров Парос

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Публикувано: 08 February 2012 - 07:29 PM

Търси се добър човек с опит с кучетата за да замести за 2 месеца управителката на приют на остров Парос.
Заплащането е символично, храната и спането се поемат от организацията. За повече подробности - пишете на Сабине на мейла даден по-долу.


Sabine our shelter manager has worked 24/7 for over a year and needs a break! We are looking for 1 person or a couple with experience in handling dogs, after some training of course. The person must be reliable and able to handle an average of 20-40 dogs. A driving license is essential and ability to speak English, Greek or German. Job includes feeding, walking and socializing the dogs, cleaning + maintaining the shelter, driving the dogs to the vet, rescuing abandoned dogs and preparing for travel those that are offered homes abroad.

We offer a minimal salary and accommodation in a small and simple house on the shelter grounds, which is located in an isolated farm area south of the island. The house has a bedroom, small bathroom and eat-in kitchen. Internet access, nice views, and close to the beach.

We can also accept volunteers who want to work for shorter periods – at least 3 weeks.

For more info write to PAWS, or to Sabine
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