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"Величието на една нация, нейният морален прогрес може да се определи според начина, по който тя се отнася към животните.”
Махатма Ганди

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Публикувано: 06 June 2012 - 07:09 PM

Патриша Кордерой-една сърцата чужденка отдадена на каузата да помогне и осигури дом на нашите бездомничета е била диагностицирана с агресивна форма на рак...това налага супер спешното затваряне на центъра и за помощ на бездомни в Паламарца и задомяване на всичките кучета там. В момента са необходими големи суми за път на животните, за които е намерен дом! Моля, който може да помогне!
Sanctuary Closure - Emergency Appeal

Tragedy has struck the Palamartsa Animal Sanctuary in Bulgaria in the worst way imaginable…

Patricia Corderoy, the Sanctuary founder has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of Cancer and as a result the Sanctuary will be closing.

Our love, thoughts and prayers are with them at this terrible time.

Yet…true to form, Tricia’s first concern is for the dogs – even at this time, when she is so ill and in pain, her thoughts are not for herself but for her rescues –she just wants to ensure that all is being to save all the dogs, so…

Colonel Angels have immediately offered whatever help we could to try and find the 21 dogs that remain emergency foster homes, to get them ready for travel and to raise the necessary funds we urgently need to get them to Holland, Germany or UK, where homes and foster homes can be found for them.

This however is not an easy task – and we are urgently seeking YOUR HELP and support to make this happen – WE ONLY HAVE 7 DAYS TO GET THE DOGS MOVED, which will allow Jimi to go back to the UK to be by Tricia’s side when she needs him most.

This is Colonel Angels biggest emergency yet – and we are determined not to let Tricia, Jimi or the dogs down – please can you help us raise the money we need to save the lives of these 21 dogs?

It costs 150 euro / $200 to transport a dog to Europe.... Please Chip-In whatever you can – EVERY SINGLE PENNY WILL COUNT!

Further details of all the dogs can be found at this link below, and as always we will keep you informed of their progress.
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